V0.9 – Released!

Cubiverse is not minecraft (with Cubiverse there is no game, other than the one your create and script). It allows you to build worlds, script actions and build complete games all from inside your browser with nothing to install!

For this release I focused on adding a few new features, fixing the netCode and a some bugs.

The major update with this release are lights. You can add different types of lights (ambient, directional, spot, etc.) and control their position, color, intensity and distance. It’s also optimised to allow you to create and destroy lights in real-time, with an unlimited amount of lights support (realistically 4 to 8 lights gives you 60fps on low end devices).

This release also see’s major improvements in the netCode (currently releases show you some of the netCode stats on the upper left of the UI). This means that players see’s a smooth game play regardless of their connection (up-to 250ms latency), this fixes a major pain (when playing multi-player) in previous versions.

Zombie Pit Tutorial – Part 2

I’ve also updated the zombie pit tutorial to add in new lights, and also a trigger zone to ensure the player dies if they fall into the pit!

The full release list is:

Features Added

Lights, user defined lights that can be controlled in real-time!
Improved netCode! Finally a better version of netCode allowing smoother movements for higher latency players

To-Do’s Completed

Add names field to the script editor so that players can quickly modify the name without touching any JS code
Add title field to any dynamic object (script, voxel, triggerZone, etc.) so that a 3D name appears above it when in editing mode.

Bug Fixes

Transparency issues with all text (i.e. user names above players heads, text in editor mode, etc.)
Transparency issues around the edges of players and plants
Player model seemed about 0.25 units off the ground
Fix other players appearing to “jitter” on top of moving cubes
Fixed minor animation looping bug…
Fixed text appearing transparent (with black border)