V0.8 – UI improvements and improved editting

Cubiverse allows you to build worlds, script actions and build complete games all from inside your browser with nothing to install!

For this release I decided to take some time and improve the UI, make things a little smoother for your game crafters! The biggest improvements are around the UI, things resize properly and there’s now handy links to assist you (such as opening the API directly when your editing scripts, very handy for copy and pasting example code!).

There’s also a few bug fixes, I got a ton of emails telling me that zombies were invisible for players in V0.7 – what actually happened was that the 2nd, 3rd, etc.. player would not see the mobs but could be attacked by them! Opps, all fixed now :) There were some back-end improvements to assist with the smoothness of game loading and a few graphical fixes ;)

This release also saw the start of the Zombie Pit tutorial video, please feel free to load it (or clone it!)

The full release list is:

Features Added

Added ability to clear a world to the editor
Add links to API from script editing
Updated API with all the latest methods, properties, events, etc..

To-Do’s Completed

Allow for correct resizing of code editor when window is resized
Fix up numerous Firefox issues and more warnings for IE and Apple users
Show other players picking up and using items (guns, torches, etc.)
Kick repeatibly rejoining users (i.e. Cubiverse is in the background) out to a “please reconnect” screen

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with mobs not appearing for player 2+
Heavy HTTP operations can sometimes call a stall in the WebSocket updates (core count?)
Fixed some issues with 3D faces being invisible on chunk boundaries