V0.6 – Major Release!

V0.6 has landed! and with a ton of new features to help you make your games, various improvements and bug fixes.. along with a few new example maps :D (see the RIGHT side of this panel)

Most critically are improves to the world editor, better netCode, better script editing and making the whole editing process more responsive.


New world editor, with more buttons and modes
Latency meter, so you can see your lag
Undo of change sin world editor


Unified the key’s in the editor, so regardless of mode they work the same
Added symbols to each tool bar button to show key that activates it (1,2,3.. etc.)
NetCode has been greatly improved for both normal movement and sticking to cubes
Press “Space” on alerts should make them go away

Bug Fixes

Mouse wheel on the script editor does not work
Script editor window does not show vertical scrollbar for bottom few lines
It’s sometime’s hard to move entities around, selection seems to work 95% of the time
If an editing user times out and rejoins, the code editor seems to get respawned (i.e. multple editors, split horizontally)
Two or more players causes first player to get only one update per second
Birds have stopped moving in the tutorial level
The “Bug list”, “First time Run” and “Info” panels get stuck if you login (F5 will make them go away after a refresh + auto login)
If you edit a voxel in the tutorial level, when you reopen the voxel the script is lost
Any HUD commands generated during a player join don’t appear to the joining player
User’s who are in edit mode seem to “hover” up and down
If a dropping voxel moves up in the air, the player teleports high above it..
Jumping on a dynamic voxel is poor
Disconnections cause the script editor to spawn multiple codeMirror panels