V0.5 – Trigger Zones and in-game items!

It’s been a busy few weeks! We only released V0.4 at the start of the year, but we’ve managed to get V0.5 out today!

For those of you new the Cubiverse, it’s a free browser based game crafting system – whilst it might look like Minecraft due to the use of voxels that’s where the similarities end. You craft your world’s using a dedicated editor, which allows you to terraform the world, write scripts, add entities, mobs and control every aspect of the world. You then publish your world as a single URL, allowing anyone to play you level (it’s fully supports multi-player too!)

You can play other people’s worlds or create your own! But just remember we are still busy adding stuff

which includes Trigger Zones (fire off Java-Script code when players enter or leaves invisible zones!) and in-game items that you can spawn.

Check out our video going behind the scene’s on our zombie escape map, or if you’ve a modern browser play the level here! – You can also play the tutorial level by clicking the “Play Now” (or view the Tutorial Walk-through Video)

Along with adding some new stuff, we’ve fixed a ton of issues