V0.4 – HUD elements, death and generic things

The first post (and release) of 2015 bring a quite a few new features!

I designed a HUD system to allow you to show information to the user, this greatly assists them in understanding what to do or where to go. In the example world I’m developing (Zombie Escape) it shows the user some welcome information but tells them that zombies are coming! The HUD framework is fairly complete, so I should be able to add in other interesting HUD elements shortly (such as images, user input or windows). For security reasons I won’t be allowed you to write HTML, but should be able to allow you to upload some css rules to alter appearances.

Players are now attacked by zombies, so the whole health and death system is in and working well. At the minute its fairly simple with no real control but I will allow you to receive events on being attacked (like “onAttacked” fired on the player object) along with a few other things so you can control the amount of damage, along with other interesting things.

Finally to assist with controlling the world at a higher level, I created “Generic Script Entities”. These entities are placed just like player or mob spawn points, but allow you to write any code inside them. At the moment they are used to show the HUD information in the Zombie Escape map, but they can be used for any set-up purpose or in-game logic.

Next up I plan to add in “trigger zones” which allow some Java-Script to be called when a player enters it. This allows you to control the progress of a player through worlds, or create certain scenarios. For the Zombie Escape map I plan to use them to know when the player has got into the castle, at this point I will show more HUD information and progress them on.