V0.31 – Mobs!!

It’s probably been a little while coming but mob’s are in! Mob’s are creatures in the world that can exist to benefit the player, chase and attack the player or just there as part of the scenery.

For this initial release I’m supported only one type of mob (my modelling skills aren’t that great) and one type of mode (chasing the player). I have tested fleeing from the player but there’s a little bit to much coding to be done to expose the ability to switch modes in JS.

Mob’s are spawned from special entities, in the world editor you can add entities – just use the mouse wheel to spin round the available entities to you see “Mob Spawn Point”. There’s not too much you can control yet, but as with the switching of modes it’s just a matter of exposing more stuff to our JS code to control them.

For more information on the “mobSpawnEntity” Java-Script objects (which are used by the “Mob Spawn Point”) see our mobSpawnEntity API Reference.

There’s also been quite a few bug fixes and minor improvements – see the Completed Bug/Feature List.

What’s next for V0.4?

Going to add in more control over mob’s, such as changing mode from chase to flee. Hopefully I’ll get blender out and create a few more simple models, tbh it’s the animation and texturing which takes me the longest.

The big task I’d like to complete is expose some of the internal workings of mobs, player death and respawn to the user Java-script code. This would allow you to control the force of attacks, what happens when they die, or when they die. For my zombie escape level (the mini-game I’m creating in Cubiverse to push forward the API and features) this would turn a player “into” a zombie, so they could go after any other players in the world.