V0.2 – Let’s spawn somewhere new…

The latest version of Cubiverse is now out, hopefully we’re making progress in the right direction!

V0.2 has a number of interesting features, mostly to assist with the creation of a “zombie escape” mini-game in Cubiverse. I felt it was probably best to create some sort of mini-game in order to develop the editors, scripting capabilities, etc.

Probably the two biggest changes are the introduction of entities and major improvements on the world editor.

Entities are special objects which are invisible during normal game-play, they allow special events to occur or in-game actions to happen. As there was so much code involved with setting up the entities system (both in the WebGL client and server-side) there are only “Player Spawn Entities” available. The good news is that now the base entity architecture is in adding new entities should not be too difficult, but I’m sure there will be a ton of server-side stuff to support their abilities.

The world editor has been improved to allow for the placement of entities, movement and editing of their scripts. There’s a ton more icons to work with and I’ve added in a mode that allows you to place cubes (or entities) enter by sticking them to existing one’s, or placing them a certain distance from the camera (this distance can be changed with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel).

I’ve also added in an unload() handler, some key-combinations are easy to hit (like Ctrl+W) which causes the window to close – annoying when your editing worlds :)

What’s next for V0.3?

Definitely mob’s – I need to get some zombie’s in there to start chasing players around (to then add in more game mechanics). How long this will take is a bit of an unknown, trying to fit time in the evenings around the day job is difficult – never-mind that mob’s are going to be (mostly) server-side with the client simple visualising them!