The importance of Trigger Zones

When designing the Zombie Escape world, I realised it’s very important to understand (from a game point of view) where the players are in the world. Especially if you have a flowing level where the player progresses through the world accomplishing tasks, or you need to give them some basic instructions on what to do next.

Trigger zones are 3D cubes (of any shape or size) which allow you to run your JS code when a player enters or leaves the cube. In the Zombie Escape world it tells the player that the path is blocked and they need to find an alternative route, along with commending them on finding the alternative route.

The flexibility of trigger zones to make things happen is pretty extensive. As the events actually pass in the playerObject, you can extract information about the player who has entered the zone – handy if you want to get their nick-name, or if you want to do something like add them to a certain team.

As for now I’ve a few more editor things to fix before I can do release v0.5, it’s possible to create some inverted cubes and it would be nice to resize the zones after they have been added – hopefully this should be ready for the weekend (it really depends on the how many hours I’ve free an evening lol)