Plants! and a better Sun

I hope you’ve all had a great Festive period, I’ve been fairly busy far away from a keyboard so there’s not been too much done!

A few users had complained about the brightness of the game, and it would have seemed that from my (limited) testing most of my machines have a Gamma that is set higher than normal, meaning it looks fine for me but dark for everyone else. So the Sun is now 40% stronger, and to be honest it makes things a lot nicer! Colour are snappier and the worlds feel more vibrant :)

I had also been toying with adding in plants, mostly to see if I could do it in such a way that it doesn’t take me days in Blender! So I created the plants using the “good old” 2 planes at 90 degrees to each other – It actually looks quite well, and is more than acceptable for the first release of plants :)

Speak soon!