New world editor tools

Things have been progressing nicely, but as always I’ve never enough spare time to get all the things done :)

I’ve managed to add a fair few options to the world editor, you can move add, move, delete and edit the scripts behind entities. This means you can place player and mob entities in the world and have them spawn players (when they join the world) or enemies (spawning when you want..). I’ve yet to add in the ability to move cubes (or specially and scripts attached to them), plus I also want to make cubes glow if they have scripts attached and warn users if they are deleting those sorts of “scripted” cubes.

As I’m writing a “Zombie Escape” mini-game I’ve been adding stuff that I think should help everyone with writing their own stuff. I added a log() API call that allows you to write messages to the in-game communications window, handy for debugging stuff or figuring out what’s going on with variables. Restarting the level is easier now with a new button to stop you re-spawning in-case your miles from the spawn point.

In a bit to increase the user base I had to change the start-up routines to allow mobile users to join without timing out (on lower end devices), I’ve still to ask new users whether they want low, medium or high graphics mode but that’s an important to-do. Cubiverse also listens on port 8080, just in-case you have a nasty firewall (or invisible proxy) in the way that kills your websocket connections.

That’s probably it for this update, hopefully in the coming weeks the mob’s will be able to do A* path finding for chasing or fleeing from players :)