New editor features and toolbar

I always knew I would have to improve the editor, it’s one of things you do first to get it “working” then plan on revisiting to make it more user friendly – and finally, that day has come!

The new tool-bar is now grouped by the operation type:

This picture shows all the buttons visible, but depending on the operation you only get to see those buttons. The operations are grouped by “Land Generation”, “Voxels”, “Entities” and “Trigger Zones”. With the play, abort, etc. buttons at the top.

Whilst I was in developing the new tool bar I added in some pretty cool features, most notable area:

Undo changes – you can now undo ALL changes, this really just reloads the world (there’s one know bug, but minor)
Unified Keys – when you press 1 (regardless of mode) you get the first button (like add voxel, add entity, etc.)
Script editor – fixed a few bugs in here with scrolling :)
Latency Meter – added this so people can see how badly lagged they are

I’m hoping to get a full release out shortly so stay tuned for a full list of features and fixes!