Ambient Occlusion

I’ve been spending some considerable time working on the graphics code to add in Ambient Occlusion based on a post by mikolalysenko ( ). The post was very informative but I had to bother him on IRC a few timers to figure out some of the finer detail :)

As you can see from the following screen-shot it’s more (or less) finished, there’s a few minor issues (as discussed in mikolalysenko’s blog post) to get smoother AO in certain situations:

When this is applied to my full level the effect is exceptionally nice, it adds a real depth to the game:

(click for full size)

So now I’ve nice AO added into the game, unfortunately it’s very slow (given the size and complexity of my maps over the examples). I’m going to explore the option of using WebWorkers to push out the complex AO stuff, this allows me to start off with simple non-AO world and recompute the AO in the background :)