What is Cubiverse?

It’s NOT a Minecraft clone, the fact it uses voxels like Minecraft (and many games before it) is due to many reasons :)

However it’s been described Cubiverse as “Minecraft for programmers” and that’s probably not far away from the truth!

Cubiverse is about playing games, and creating them! All from within your browser, without having to install a single thing! You can share your creations with anyone by sending them your world’s URL (called a CubiURL) and join them for some multi-player fun!

You can spawn mobs and guns to fight them, control the movement of cubes, craft the world exactly as you want, create HUD’s and trigger actions when players touch or hit zones. There’s a ton of functionality that right as your finger tips, all you need to do is jump in and following the in-game tutorial or view some of our on-line tutorial videos.

Your world is a blank canvas, you can create any type of game you wish.. whether you want to keep true to the likes of MineCraft or create totally new games that nobody has seen before, it’s all possible in Cubiverse.

Building worlds is easy, you use the world editor to add, remove or alter the cubes.. then you can add some JavaScript to any cube to control it, then add entities that spawn mobs or other in-world items..

The main features of Cubiverse are:

  • Play, create and publish 3D worlds through a web-browser with nothing to install
  • Learn and explore Javascript in a visual way, learning event driven practices whilst developing games!
  • Multiplayer! Just get your friends to type the same URL into their browser (called a CubiURL)
  • Community driven – suggest features on our forum to get it included!

Please remember we are in “Beta” – this means we are constantly working on things, adding new features and squishing the odd bug!